Together, we are making a difference.

It’s work being essential.

Olymel salutes everyone working in the Canadian food industry to keep our country fed. We are proud of you all.


“To our 15,000 employees: thank you for being there.”

“Olymel has implemented considerable measures to respond to the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic and pursue its activities, which have been deemed essential for the agri-food supply chain. Our company assures that the population in lockdown is supplied with high-quality pork and poultry products. In this context, our operations would not be possible without the commitment of all our employees who agree to work in more demanding conditions to continue, in these difficult times, to fulfill our mission of feeding the world. Our employees make a difference. I am convinced that, like our owners and all the members of Olymel’s management, our clients and consumers are grateful to them.”

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Réjean Nadeau, President and Chief Executive Officer

We will get through this together

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Olymel has implemented a number of measures to ensure that our employees can continue to feed Canadians safely. Such measures include:


  • sanitation protocols

  • social distancing in the workplace

  • the modification of certain physical sites

  • changes to work methods

  • employee screening)

  • the creation of a COVID coordinating unit


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